Asura Revolver releases “There Is More Beauty in Corruption” by Jamie Awakshidar

Asura Revolver is a Norwegian label that primarily releases music that could loosely be considered “post-vaporwave”, and may R0x4ry forgive me for that statement. Their music typically involves experimental ambient works and computer music created by producers with previous attachment to the vaporwave scene and have since moved on to more “futurist” or synthetic music. There Is More Beauty in Corruption comes from Jamie Awakshidar, the artist’s first for Asura Revolver. It is a dark ambient album that is composed of clearly-produced yet blurring synthesizer music, often featuring cavernous reverb. Choice track is “More Beauty”. The album is available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £8 GBP on cassette in an edition of thirty.

Check it out below:



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