Kaiseki Digital releases “Died in Infinity” by Cyparissus

Lansing, Michigan (USA) label Kaiseki Digital prides itself on being a “story-telling label”, so practically every label has an accompanying concept or explicit narrative. That might sound par for the course for lots of vaporwave and retro-aesthetic releases, but releases through Kaiseki Digital generally stand out by making the narrative front-and-center in how the album should be consumed. One such release is Died in Infinity by Cyparissus, a new full-length of ambient vaporwave and drone music that attempts to capture the feeling of “trying to live a life while experiencing the symptoms of severe depression […] and it’s ultimately about death”. Choice track is “Diffident”, a sixteen-minute drone. Died in Infinity is available for $2 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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