Ghost Diamond releases “Return to Dream City” by Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep is a project associated with the Ghost Diamond Collective through the artist James Webster. Their debut release was Dreams on Dream Catalogue back in December 2012, back when DC was just getting started. Coming almost six years later, Return to Dream City celebrates the early digital aesthetic when virtual worlds were little more than abstract polygons that slightly resembled what they were supposed to be. Man, wasn’t that a fun time? If you miss it, then Return to Dream City will appeal to you with its slightly lo-fi and icy synthesizer structures. Choice tracks are “Dream City Skyline” and “Nightmare Reborn”. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $9 USD on cassette in an edition of 150 ($29 USD if you purchase this and the other three cassettes in Ghost Diamond’s fall bundle).

Check it out below:



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