Hairs aBlazin’ releases “DEADLY .IRIS ZERO” by White Claudia

DEADLY .IRIS ZERO is White Claudia’s first album for Hairs aBlazin’ (a Kentucky vaporwave label whose name always makes me think of Sweettooth from Twisted Metal). This album is fifteen tracks of vaporgoth music, which refers to a combination of classic-style vaporwave samplism and dark ambient music that’s often meant to thoroughly creep out the listener. And this one does – while tracks aren’t really plunderphonics-based as much as in albums from Chinese Hackers, DEADLY .IRIS ZERO does feature that just-on-the-cusp of recognizability where you can tell something’s going on under the murk but can’t really tell what. DEADLY .IRIS ZERO is available for $1 USD as a digital download and for $7.50 USD on cassette in an edition of twenty-four.

Check it out below:



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