Dream Catalogue releases “Island” by Yoshimi

Yoshimi is a busy artist. Just today they’ve released a new full-length album of wonky UK bass on the Dream Catalogue label, which coincides with the release of Japanese Ghosts III for the Pyramids label just two days earlier. This is the second Dream Catalogue album in five days, and it comes after quite a bit of teasing from the label alongside a host of other releases coming up through the end of 2018. Island incorporates lots of ambient sound effects and a “cinematic” (a word I don’t like to use, but it works here) style of production. Choice track is “Potency and Existence”, which sounds like it’s on the brink of explosion with every bass hit. Island is available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £11 GBP on cassette in an unlisted edition (you can get it cheaper through Dream Catalogue’s myshopify account here).

Check it out below:



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