AOTW | 5 November – 11 November: Channel 505 – 日本の天気と気候

This week’s AOTW is gonna get a little obscure. Partly cloudy, if you will. 日本の天気と気候 was the first album ever released through the Prevue Guide label, which ran through 2016 and primarily released music tagged as “weathersoft”. Weathersoft sought to create music that was reminiscent of the Weather Channel in the USA, which (before it became ostensibly reality television) was/is a channel devoted to showing local and national weather. Well into the 2010s, Weather Channel bumpers were often accompanied by the smoothest of smooth jazz – hey, sounds about perfect for some of our vaporwave listeners. 日本の天気と気候 is precisely that, coming through the artist Channel 505 (and their last overall, somewhat fitting with it being Prevue Guide’s first). It consists of seventeen short tracks with snippets from Japanese meteorological news and music. Check it out for an early example of weathersoft, a microgenre that seems to have ended along with Prevue Guide just several short months later.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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