haircuts for men faces take-down

Vaporwave is a sample-heavy genre. Occasionally, this results in some casualties in the form of take-downs of artists by their sources. This does not always happen, but sometimes it does – and it’s always a less than fun time for those involved.

This weekend, the well-known vaporwave artist haircuts for men was – as far as we’re aware – faced with a claim that forced them to remove the work containing the offending samples. Out of safety, haircuts for men also removed a substantial works that were sample-based, and made a point to say on their Twitter and Bandcamp page that all future works will be entirely original material. This also extends to labels that previously featured their work, with labels such as Business Casual removing previous releases and videos from their pages. They have also changed their main Twitter handle from @user_080613 to @ForbiddenCreme. haircuts for men also stated that, in the near future, they will release under a new alias that will feature some sampled works under the haircuts for men name.

At the same time, Contemporary Tapes also removed their Bandcamp page, although this follows several months of issues regarding payments for cassettes. Contemporary Tapes has since stated that they will be sending out the tapes, and that those who have yet to receive theirs should send them a direct message via their Twitter account @cont4p3s.


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