Net Century releases “SKYBOXワンダーランド” by Sky Between Spirits

Sky Between Spirits is a fairly new vaporwave artist who’s recently expanded from self-released works to labels such as Net Century, on which new album SKYBOXワンダーランド has arrived. SKYBOXワンダーランド is a hypnagogic vaporwave album that features real-time pitch-/tempo-shifting, where the screw happens as you’re listening to the track rather than at a jump cut such as on FLORAL SHOPPE from MACINTOSH PLUS. It’s trippy and psychedelic. Choice track is “「幸せは。。。」”. Pairs well with merlot and Dramamine. SKYBOXワンダーランド is available for $1 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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