Ui – Safety

Album information

Artist: Ui
Album: Safety
Type: Extended-play (EP)
Release date: 23 June 2017
Label: Online Records

  • Digital download (Online Records, 2017)


Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Online Records is a label dedicated to pseudonymity. Many of its artists are only recognized by their aliases and nothing more; a sizable number of them have yet to be revealed by the creators. Some aliases released several albums in a short span and then disappeared, whereas others had more lasting appeal (such as MIDSTYLE). Ui1,2 is one such artist, whose album artwork for Safety looks straight out of a Windows gradient texture. This release is one of two for Ui, the other being a split release with MAECEAM called Charm / Gem issued just a couple weeks later – after which Ui evanesced into the digital ether.

Safety is a single-track vapordrone album in twenty-four minutes, fitting in with other Online Records releases from this era in the label’s discography. Safety opens with several minutes of soft digital synthesizers that are overlaid with soft static, which becomes the main compositional element of the track until it ends with clearer tones coming through the mix. It’s a relaxing album in the vein of releases like Keito Shimuguchi’s Dilation Of The Soul Electronic released the year prior through TKX Vault. It’s great music for studying or reading a book; try it on for a peaceful night in.



1. Safety – (24:16)


1While researching for this article, I also found out that Ui is the name of an American post-rock band active in the nineties. Cool!
2Guessing it stands for “user interface”?


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