The Art of First Kings

First Kings is an experimental electronic musician from Ottawa, Canada. When becoming active in the vaporwave scene in 2016, he began designing album artwork for release on various labels. His work has been utilized by a large variety of artists and labels including the Sud Swap Audio Brewing family (Sud Swap, Seikomart, and Botanica1), Sea of Clouds, Unchill Records, Evaporated […]

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The Art of Ferine Arts

Ferine Arts is the brainchild of a seventeen-year old artist from the State of Georgia who creates music and visual art inspired by synthwave and vaporwave cultures. Formed in 2015 as “Dynamix photo edits” (lowercase included), Ferine Arts is designated a “music and art production company”. It was inactive from 2015 through late 2016, at the end of which Dynamix […]

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The Art of Angel Marcloid

Angel Marcloid is the founder and artistic director of the Swamp Circle label, which caters to experimental artforms that include vaporwave, digital aesthetics, and glitch – among many others. In addition to being a prolific music artist with a number of aliases, Angel is also a visual artist who creates all of the album artwork for Swamp Circle in addition […]

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