[Feature] Refresh: S U R F I N G – Deep Fantasy

Refresh is a series of articles that revisits albums that received inadequate or erroneous interpretations by Sunbleach in the past. The goal of these articles is to examine the albums under a new light with discussions on what earlier articles possibly got wrong in their original recommendations. The first album to be discussed is the chillwave/classic-style vaporwave release Deep Fantasy […]

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[Feature] Hyperbattle

Hyperbattle is an ongoing series of contests currently spearheaded by V//Tomo that began last year to encourage novel production among vaporwave artists. Originally hosted on the /r/vaporwave subreddit, Hyperbattle requires producers to create a track using a previously-chosen sample in a certain amount of time, and then listeners vote to decide the tracks that most successfully utilized the sample. For […]

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[Feature] 2-0-1-7

In the fall of 2016, matdmoon and Hantasi came together to create Online Records, a netlabel that features experimental music primarily dealing with noise, field recordings, and musique concrète. Albums generally featured long tracks that steadily developed into layered progressions of static and found sounds, utilizing the samplism techniques that are commonly found in vaporwave. Several live recordings were released […]

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