[Weekly Recap] 18 June – 24 June

Hello, and welcome to the weekly recap for this past week: 18 June – 24 June! We’ve got a pretty diverse selection of music this week, with some exceptional albums within the subgenres of signalwave and experimental vaporwave, neither of which are that common in the contemporary vaporwave scene. There were no Sunbleach updates this past week, owing to my […]

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Online Records releases the progressive compilation “re:ONL_2”

The experimental vaporwave label Online Records has begun a new progressive compilation called re:ONL_2 (or perhaps just ONL_2) and is seeking submissions. The hell is a “progressive compilation”? That refers to a compilation album that is released in early form and steadily features new tracks added to it based on submissions from other artists. It might start off with just […]

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[Admin] Hiking update

I’m not dead! Just hiking! As of today, 34/48 peaks accomplished. Currently in the midst of a four-day camping trip to knock out some of the faraway peaks. Will be back in town tomorrow night, then a 20-ish mile hike the next day followed by two more days of camping to finish. Currently looking at being finished with all 48 […]

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