Adhesive Sounds releases “ずっと先の話” by Aario Drgento

ずっと先の話 translates roughly “A long story from a long time ago”. It’s freshly out from ずっと先の話 via the Adhesive Sounds label, which has been around for several years in the vaporwave community – ancient by the genre’s standards! ずっと先の話 is fourteen tracks that mix eclectic, weirdo classic-style vaporwave samples with hypnagogic melodies. Tracks range from approximately a minute long to […]

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Adhesive Sounds releases “PHANTASM // ESPRESSO” by MindSpring Memories & KöSHRiMP

PHANTASM // ESPRESSO is a split release featuring MindSpring Memories & KöSHRiMP, available through the Adhesive Sounds label. Both artists provide one long-form track each for a total runtime of approximately a half hour. The first track is from MindSpring Memories – it’s an evolving hypnagogic drift/ambient vaporwave track that slowly flows into reverb-heavy classic-style vaporwave that makes full use […]

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Adhesive Sounds releases “Re: Motion” by Echo Beach / Azuresands大麻

Adhesive Sounds is now featuring a new split release between Echo Beach and Azuresands大麻 titled Re: Motion. Echo Beach offers nine tracks, all of which are classic-style vaporwave similar to SUPERCARTRIDGE by ULTRACOMPUTER. Azuresands大麻 has eight tracks of lo-fi sample curation. Choice tracks are “Engage Thrust” from the former and “wanana” from the latter. The split is available as a […]

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