Power Lunch releases “Adopt-A-Succulent” by Azuresands大麻

The cutely-named Adopt-A-Succulent is a new album of mallsoft music released by Azuresands大麻, a mainstay on the Power Lunch label. Adopt-A-Succulent is eight tracks of relaxing pseudo-new age music with a sample curation aesthetic as you shop for your new plant friend. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, for $8 USD on cassette in an edition of eight, and […]

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Power Lunch releases “Crystal Coyote (don’t slam dance)” by Azuresands大麻

Power Lunch returns with a heavily synthwave-inspired vaporwave release by way of Azuresands大麻. Crystal Coyote (don’t slam dance) is a seven-track mini-album filled with extremely 80s electronic music. Most tracks have a smooth if dusty atmosphere, but a few songs (e.g. “Neon Saga”) go into a slowed-down glitch mode with multiple overlays that’s a nice subversion of classic-style vaporwave production […]

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Power Lunch releases “High Society” by Azuresands大麻 / ΔCID.rar

New music from Power Lunch is a split called High Society between Azuresands大麻 and ΔCID.rar, the latter of which just released an album on Seikomart last weekend. High Society was released the day before 4/20, and High Society is (fittingly) themed around the devil’s lettuce. The music is generally classic-style vaporwave with some vocal samples describing marijuana usage. It’s available […]

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