Business Casual releases “Summer Hits Vol. 1” by Vercetti

Anyone who’s played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City recognizes the name Vercetti! Apparently the kingpin has turned to the music business in his old age, with Summer Hits Vol. 1 dropping on the Business Casual label last Friday. Summer Hits Vol. 1 is a collection of twelve future funk tracks with the hard-hitting four-on-the-floor dance styles of artists similarly featured […]

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Business Casual releases “Everyday Emotions” by ASSONANCE

In literary criticism, “assonance” refers to the repetition of vowels sounds, often at the beginning of words. Like, oh, “Everyday Emotions“. This release mixes vaporwave with trap, club music, garage, and samplism for an exceptionally eclectic (oh look more assonance) release that includes samples from Wii Sports and other more nameless sources. Future funk for a weird era? Choice track […]

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Business Casual releases “Aqua Placenta” by Ursula’s Cartridges

Haha eww. Aqua Placenta is a new release from Ursula’s Cartridges and available through Business Casual, a label that releases a variety of retro-inspired albums from vaporwave to synthwave, with a new one every Friday. Aqua Placenta is an environmentally-themed album that is primarily influenced by degradation of the oceans, with tracks utilizing the vaporwave alt-code abuse that strike one […]

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