Junk Maker Sounds releases “PLUG AND PLAY SPLIT (PLATINUM EDITION)” by NHL95 / MADDEN 95

A split between NHL95 and MADDEN95 is a match made in heaven – and not just for the obvious reasons. Both artists are from Italy, and they play a mix of chiptune music and plunderphonics samplism that they call “chiptune-punk”. PLUG AND PLAY SPLIT (PLATINUM EDITION) is a split full-length with six tracks from NHL95 and seven from MADDEN95. The […]

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Dream Catalogue releases “In Icti Oculi” by Renjā

Dream Catalogue is no stranger to eclectic electronic and cyberpunk music, and In Icti Oculi from Renjā is no exception. This release combines instrumental hip-hop, chiptune music, and samplism with original material. Many tracks are less than three minutes and incorporate short fragments of melodies that are looped (but not in a vaporwave/signalwave kind of way) with glitchy beats and […]

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Junk Maker Sounds releases “NHL95” by NHL95

NHL95 is the debut album by the eponymous duo, who plays “chiptune-punk” for Junk Maker Sounds. This release features exceptionally short tracks akin to the signalwave aesthetic in vaporwave. As may be gleaned from the title, NHL95 is significantly influenced by video game music, and not just because of its chiptune aesthetic. The percussion used is slightly better quality than […]

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