Vektordrum – Geese

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Continuing our exploration of the pre-Vektroid albums by Ramona Xavier is Geese, released as a part of the Vektordrum project in 2009 “when [she] was 16”.1 It was reissued toward the end of 2016 along with other early albums such as the Hello Skypedals series and Capitose Windowpane. It’s also the maximum length of an album that can […]

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Scolex Recordings releases “Paid Thank You” by Crazy Gnome

Paid Thank You is the first release out from Scolex Recordings since the end of May 2016. Scolex Recordings utilizes similar cyberpunk and digital-era themed tropes that frequently dip into the avant-garde and dystopic (e.g. Eulogy by Employee#6817). Paid Thank You by Crazy Gnome utilizes elements of musique concrete, trip-hop, and industrial techno music to create a commentary on materialistic […]

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BLCR Laboratories launches new web site, reissues cassettes

BLCR Laboratories launched a new web site for physical releases and distribution. Expanding far from the days when they were “Bloody Carpet”, BLCR Laboratories’ new site now features links to all currently available merchandise through the label for direct order, including various physical releases from other labels such as PLUS100, Orange Milk, and Beer on the Rug. There are also […]

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