SHUT_INS releases “Brain Fade” by Des Une

Returning to the folds of vaporwave music is SHUT_INS, an experimental electronica label based entirely on the Internet that intermittently releases music every month or two. Brain Fade is a full-length from Des Une, who releases both experimental electronica and plunderphonics-esque music akin to some releases by Hantasi or claudia (both of Online Records). This release is fourteen tracks of […]

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Net Century releases “この少女トラベラー” by BOTOXANAX

Well, it’s been a while since I could accurately label something “experimental vaporwave” – and with a name like “BOTOXANAX” you really know what you’re getting into. この少女トラベラー is an eclectic new album out on the Net Century label, which specializes in releasing challenging and provoking forms of vaporwave media. It utilizes hyper jump-cuts, with many tracks being made up […]

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Net Century releases “Flying Circles” by Ex Aquis

Flying Circles by Ex Aquis is a six-track mini-album of experimental vaporwave music released by the Net Century label. This release – which has little in the way of standard vaporwave samplism – features extraordinarily chopped-and-screwed samples with significant cut-out effects that give it a stuttering, skeletal atmosphere. Sometimes, an errant brass or stringed instrument stands out – as on […]

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