Flamingo Vapor releases “Leçons Non Apprises” by CHARフランスのタンク

Flamingo Vapor can now add “hardvapour” to its distinguished catalogue that features all kinds of music from various vaporwave and associated genres. Leçons Non Apprises by CHARフランスのタンク is a war-themed and highly discordant album of hardvapour that is informed by French capitulation during World War II despite German strategic officers being influenced and informed by French militaristic writings following World […]

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Collapsed Structures releases “Prevailing Dark” by Animalman

Collapsed Structures is a “post-industrial” label out of Vancouver, Canada that releases a variety of cyberpunk and experimental albums. Animalman is one of the label’s main artists, and today saw a fresh EP from him by way of Prevailing Dark. This release combines the artist’s evolving predilection for hi-fidelity industrial music with dark ambient and scintillating cyberpunk music. Recommended for […]

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Flamingo Vapor releases “Future Diary Part 1 [beat tape]” by ⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂

I’m still not entirely sure how to write this artist’s name. Vladymir? Vladimir? Vladlmvr? Anyway, Future Diary Part 1 [beat tape] by ⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂ is a new full-length out on Flamingo Vapor from an artist who’s now a few albums into their game. Whereas other albums were more attached to the classic-style vaporwave plunderphonics aesthetic, Future Diary Part 1 [beat tape] […]

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