ANTIFUR releases “There is Truth in Fiction” by Chungking Mansions

ANTIFUR is a Ukrainian record label that operates in the realm of the IDM-influenced “hardvapor” scene. Their newest release is There is Truth in Fiction by genre mainstays Chungking Mansions. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $10 on cassette format in orange shell in an edition of eighty-five. Check it out below:   There is […]

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TKX Vault releases “Huylowave” by ЖЫ

Russian vaporwave artist ЖЫ1 released the hardvapor/ruskevapor album Huylowave today on TKX Vault. It’s a single, uninterrupted twenty-minute track of field-recording-esque noise music and effects with the characteristic vocal samplings, glitchiness, and digitalism of the vaporwave scene. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. Check it out below:   Huylowave by ЖЫ 1Belarusian translation: “Miss” 0

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Dream Catalogue releases “Brasil World Cup 2034” by wosX

British label Dream Catalogue is one of the foremost producers of vaporwave music and all of its permutations. Today, they released Brasil World Cup 2034 by wosX. It sounds highly influenced by futuristic video games such as the Wipeout series, and it has a significant beat-oriented vibe. There’s some Latin feeling as well, as heard on “Tangibilidade.” It’s available for […]

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