Elemental 95 releases “Nevada Motel EP” by ェティX TV

Nevada Motel EP is a short five-track EP of late night lo-fi music by ェティX TV, available through the French label Elemental 95 (which is owned by baconwave). Tracks are instrumental smooth jazz music and adult contemporary that have been heavily pitch-/tempo-shifted and been given a ton of bit-rate degradation to sound as if they’re coming from a dusty cassette […]

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Bogus Collective releases “Public Access Heartbreak” by VAV-31

“Vav-31”? Well, so far as it isn’t Vault-31. Public Access Heartbreak is new music from this obscure, pseudonymous artist and their first for the Bogus Collective label. Public Access Heartbreak incorporates sample curation and late night lo-fi music akin to the earliest works by telepath or HKE with a bit of Midnight Television thrown in for good measure. It’s twenty-three […]

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Night Light Tapes releases “Spirits of the Stereo” by Arasmas

Here’s a novel idea. Spirits of the Stereo by Arasmas (out now on Night Light Tapes, from Pennsylvania) is a mixture of late night lo-fi and ambient vaporwave. Imagine that VHS-style aesthetic of late night lo-fi with that thin hiss and high-frequency focus combined with ambient sound effects and time-stretched original material, with only one sample in the beginning of […]

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