Power Lunch releases “High Society” by Azuresands大麻 / ΔCID.rar

New music from Power Lunch is a split called High Society between Azuresands大麻 and ΔCID.rar, the latter of which just released an album on Seikomart last weekend. High Society was released the day before 4/20, and High Society is (fittingly) themed around the devil’s lettuce. The music is generally classic-style vaporwave with some vocal samples describing marijuana usage. It’s available […]

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Power Lunch releases “Slo-Mo Aerobics” by Echo Beach

Power Lunch is a label that recently came on our radar via /r/vaporwave (hey, advertising on social media really does work!). The first new music release we’ll be featuring is Slo-Mo Aerobics by Echo Beach, a release of sample curation/classic-style vaporwave that includes mid-tempo instrumental music made to get you moving on your next eighties work-out dance party. (I had […]

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