Shikuramen Garden releases “Cursed Things” by First Kings

Cursed Things is a compilation by First Kings comprised of two EPs (Stigmata Scenes and Filth Triptych) and several previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are mostly presented in order of release. The music on Cursed Things is best described as a mix between vaporgoth, dreampunk music, and ambient techno. It has the distinct, dark vibe of vaporgoth with many exceptionally […]

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Shikuramen Garden releases “Shinkansen” by Kappa

Shinkansen from Kappa is a new release out on Shikuramen Garden that combines hypnagogic drift and vaportrap music. Songs combine somewhat dreamy vaporwave samplism elements with hip-hop influences akin to PZA. Recommended for fans of STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ. Choice track is “NICEOFYOU『おやすみ』(with Sweetheart’s Paradise Ltd) “. It’s available for $2 CAD as a digital download and for $10 CAD on cassette […]

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Shikuramen Garden releases “Pambansang Tindahan” by NewEraDreaming

We’ve got some new stuff breaking from NewEraDreaming, one of the co-owners of the Flamingo Records label. Pambansang Tindahan is a fifteen-track concept album on Filipino culture. Tracks are constructed of short fragments of muzak, adult contemporary, and smooth jazz – very similar to old school vaporwave releases on Fortune 500. Some tracks (e.g. “Boulevard”) have reverb characteristic of mallsoft. […]

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